Privacy Policy

  • A primordial concern of this site is with its users' privacy.In this sense, we established here some important points of our Privacy Policy.
  • Any information that circulates through this website, in particular through the information channel provided in the page of Contacts, will be used, only and exclusively, to provide support to the relationship between Arrowplan and the users of this site.
  • Personal information, in particular e-mail addresses, obtained through this website will not be supplied or sold to any external organization or person to be used for the promotion or sales of third parties’ products or services.
  • Information from cookies or other similar Internet technologies will only be used by this site with the purpose of improving users personal experience and security when visiting this website and facilitating the communication between Arrowplan and the users of this site.
  • The Internet presents numerous risks and it is impossible for us to fully control what happens with every private information sent to us by the users through the Internet, despite our best efforts.
  • Therefore, we strongly advise all users to be careful and responsible whenever they are connected to the Internet. Although we make an effort to protect their personal information, we cannot guarantee the safety of any information that users transmit to us, and, thus, those who do send private information to us must be aware that they do so under their own responsibility and risk. Be proactive with safety at the Internet.
  • The services that the Internet can render are a conquest of all those belonging to the select club of Internet users, and the happiness of all depends on the actions of each one. Since its creation, and for its own essence, the Internet is not a right, but a privilege. Treat it as such and be educated and altruist while navigating. Good work, amusement and navigation.
  • We may use some cookies to gather data regarding timestamps of your login session and help your SysPat interface keep track of your navigation. No other personal information is gathered through our cookies nor is shared with other media. We take very seriously your privacy and have implemented everything within our reach to provide security to all data collected.
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